Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hussein Chalayan at Londons Design Museum

Whether you're interested in fashion or design or none of the above you have to go and see this exhibition. This exhibition transcends fashion it is about innovation and magic, quite simply it is breathtaking and awe inspiring. Can you tell I'm enthusiastic about this. The dresses on display are fantastic but as Chalayan himself has said this is not simply a dress show, the exhibition encompasses his other creative outlets of short films and music. The screenings of his catwalk shows are maybe the best part especially for those unfamiliar with his work. The clothes are beautiful...and chic...and lustworthy...and whilst their beauty is not overshadowed by his experimental boundary pushing creations, these pieces are the ones that change fashion. The light dress pictured above is simply stunning, a lining of LEDs that glow and change pattern as the dress created by Chalayan and Swarovsky floats down the darkened catwalk as if there is noone wearing it. A magnificent metamorphis of dresses using complex mechanisms that lift, fold and restructure the fabric into new shapes around the ever so slightly nervous looking models' bodies as they stand transfixed on the catwalk. Raptourous applause follows from the onlookers and I can only think how jealous I am. How absolutely incredible it would be to witness this spectacle. Where fashion transcends clothing. A moment where anything seems possible.

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